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To celebrate Women’s HERstory Month, Je Joue are giving away 50 Clitorally Mind-blowing Mimi Soft Vibrators to 50 beautiful humans in partnership with the amazing folks over at Her.

The Mimi Soft is the perfect clitoral vibrator, designed in collaboration with gynaecologists and midwives. Its deep, rumbly motor provides incredible vibrations that transfer deep into the body, accessing all your hidden clitoral nerve endings. Its ergonomic shape allows use in many ways, whether flat in the hand, between bodies, or perfectly pin-pointed pleasure - the possibilities are endless! 

Thanks to the lower frequency of the Mimi Soft’s vibrating motor, you can experience the deep rumbling vibrations throughout the entire internal clitoris. Science tells us that this frequency, as opposed to buzzier vibes, stimulates deeper nerve endings and massages the muscle tissue in the pelvic floor for a more intense and powerful orgasmic release. 

Clitoris through the ages

400 BCE "The Shameful Parts"

The Ancient Greeks and Romans viewed the female body as being in parallel and opposite to the male body, reducing female genitalia to simply an inverted penis. Hippocrates refers to female genitalia as to aidoïon: “the shameful parts”. Sadly, this basic and harmful view of the female body went widely unchallenged for two millennia.

1559 "Seat of Pleasure of the Woman"

The anatomist Mateo Colombo, professor at Padua, claimed to have discovered the clitoris in 1559. He called it amor Veneris, vel dulcedo "the love or sweetness of Venus." It should be noted that midwives did indeed know about the existence of the clitoris (shock), and even recommended to all that women should aspire to achieve orgasms to help them get pregnant, for general health and well-being and to keep their relationships healthy. Yay for midwives!

1562 "New and useless part"

Belgian Anatomist, Andreas Vesalius, mocked Colombo: He concluded, “I have never once seen in any woman a penis... or even the rudiments of a tiny phallus.” At this time the vagina was still seen as the opposite of the penis, thus leaving no place for the clitoris, as it has no equivalent in the male body, the “perfect human model from which all things derive”…

1589 "The Devil’s Teat"

During the time of the witch trials, Alice Samuel was accused of being a witch and sentenced to death by hanging in England. Catholic inquisitor, Heinrich Kramer, ordered the witch’s body be searched for the “devil’s teat” from which “Lucifer himself suckles”. A post-mortem, carried out by the jailer and his wife, furnished incontestable proof. They found on Samuel’s body “a little lump of flesh, in manner sticking out as if it had been a teat, to the length of half an inch.”

1900s "Inferior, infantile Orgasms"

Freud was not an advocate of the clitoris — the clitoral orgasm even less so, which he called “infantile”. He believed that the clitoris must ultimately subordinate itself to the vagina as the primary source of sexual satisfaction (classic). He believed that women must abandon clitoral pleasure because the clitoris is inherently masculine. WHAT IS IT WITH THESE DUDES?!?!

1966 Pleasure Button

William H. Masters and Virginia E. Johnson reveal that the clitoris's only known function is to give sexual pleasure to the woman AND it boasts Twice as many nerve endings. HALLELUJAH!!

1968 Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm

Jane Gerhard wrote an essay in 1968 entitled ‘The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm‘ in which Freud’s theory of the inferior clitoris was further challenged. Women were beginning to demand their clitorises back. FINALLY!


Melbourne born Urologist, Helen O’Connell published her ground-breaking medical paper, that the true extent and purpose of the clitoris was first recognised. The sole purpose of the clitoris is pleasure. There are two to three times as many nerve endings located in the clitoris than there are in a penis, and all female orgasms involve the clitoris (take that, Freud!)

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