Anal Training Kit & Education set

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This Anal Training Kit by B-vibe is the perfect way to enter into a journey of next level pleasure. Education and Pleasure come hand in hand, and this kit is the perfect way to explore the joys of Anal. 

With this purchase, you'll receive not 1, not 2, BUT 3 different toys... and all the extras that you'll need to get started (except lube - don't forget to add!!). The education part comes in the form of the "complete guide to anal play", to help walk you through the do's and don'ts to give you the best experience possible. If you're new to anal... this is a great place to start!

Head to the features tab to see more detail of what's included! 

Color: Teal

Inside this amazing kit you'll receive these 7 amazing items: 

  • Small Silicone Butt Plug — This little plug is designed to feel just like a finger. It's the smallest one in the kit, so it's perfect for first-time anal play.
  • Medium Vibrating Butt Plug — Once you have got used to the feeling of a plug, the medium plug can spice things up a little. This will give more sensation due to being a little larger, but even better - this little plug can also vibrate! The vibration helps stimulate prostates or g-spots and will relax the sphincter muscles, making anal play much more enjoyable! 
  • Large Weighted Butt Plug — The large plug is not only bigger in size, but also has extra weight. The combo of the two helps give an amazing feeling of fullness and adds out of this world sensations. 
  • Lubricant Applicator — This lubricant applicator is an unsung hero. Using the Guide to Anal Play book will teach you the best way to use, but its perfect for reaching those "hard to get" places! For the silicone toys, any of the water based lubes on our side will work just great! 
  • Anal Enema — An enema, other wise known as a douche, is a handy companion to keep make sure everyone has good, "clean", fun!! 
  • Zipper Travel Bag — Obviously important if you're going abroad or just keeping toys hidden away from others! Super handy and the perfect size.
  • Complete Guide to Anal Play — Arguably one of the most important parts of this kit... after all, knowledge is power! Educating yourself with this 50+ page handbook will make sure you have the best experience you can, teaching you all the extra tips and tricks, provided by certified sex educators! 

MaterialSizeWeightBatteryCharge TimeUse Time
SmallBody Safe Silicone98 x 26 x 50 mm35.5 g///
MediumBody Safe Silicone/ ABS134 x 32 x 68 mm88 gBattery li-ion2 Hours1.25 Hours
LargeBody Safe Silicone137 x 40 x 71.5 mm180 g///

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