Our Difference

We're dedicated to your pleasure. We believe that enhancing sexual pleasure is a right for everyone, so have designed a range of luxurious products to deepen and enrich your sexual experience - whether together or solo. Luxury, discreet, stimulating and sensual, this magic mix is the way to a whole kind of next-level pleasure.

We believe that you deserve the best...

... and we only produce the best. In the sex toy world, we’re famous for having a unique motor - and we’d say that is the most important part of a vibrator, wouldn’t you? Our designers saw an opportunity to improve conventional vibrators and designed a special motor which vibrates at a unique low frequency, giving a deep, rumbly sensation.

But what does this mean you ask?

What we’re saying is, the vibrations produced by our toys travel deeper through the body, accessing pleasure points that other vibrators can’t. Imagine standing in front of a speaker in a club, turning up the bass and feeling that amazing rumbling sensation pass through your body - that feeling is low frequency vibration. Put that low frequency vibration in the right places and you can open up a world of orgasms that you never knew existed - tempting right?

We’re happy to admit that we got help!!

Not only did we change the inside of our toys, we ensured the shape and sizes were the best they could be. Our designers worked with gynaecologists and mid-wives to shape and design beautiful pleasure object, that actually work – there’s a reason that one of our toys was voted the most beautiful in the world! (Uma, in case you were wondering!)

Feedback is essential

Last, but certainly not least, our customers feedback has been at the centre of our design process since day 1. All feedback is great feedback - from toy shapes to buttons, batteries to chargers - over the years we’ve refined our toys by listening to you, our customers, making them the best they can be.