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Glyde Maxi Condoms - 12 pack

Glyde Maxi Condoms - 12 pack

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The Glyde Maxi condoms are an ultra-thin, 56mm condom with generous room in both length and width, without compromising sensitivity. Glyde ensure their products avoid any risky chemicals, are glycerin and paraben free, ethically made, FDA/CE approved and Vegan certified. 

The condoms they produce are from non-GMO, fair trade, natural rubber latex, though also do well in avoiding and unpleasant tastes or odors. They come lightly lubricated with an extra sheer and silky texture. 

We chose these condoms due to their high quality reviews and ethically sustainable business practices. When purchasing condoms, we'd always recommend lubrication to have the most enjoyable experience! 

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Product features

5 speeds and 7 patterns

USB rechargeable

100% Bodysafe

100% waterproof


100% Vegan

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