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Let’s talk about penis’s and prostates and sex toys! Seriously sex toys for men and those with penis are spoken about less than sex toys for vulvas. However, they’re still really amazing and can help improve those with penis’s sexual satisfaction and enjoyment heaps.

Why explore sex toys for penis’s?

Sex toys for penises can help increase blood flow to the penis which encourages the release of the hormone nitrite oxide. This hormone can help with erections as well as the sensations of orgasm and stimulation, making sexual play more satisfying.

Vibrating sex toys can also help the body to experience orgasms even when the penis is flaccid. There’s more to the penis than you can see. The shaft is only part of it and some of the penis’s structure goes under the scrotum and can be stimulated with external pressure. Je Joue’s low frequency vibrations send strong rumbles deep into the surrounding tissue of the penis leading to further sexual pleasure.

Using sex toy’s for men and those with penis’s, aren’t just a solution for possible sexual issues and can be used by anyone. There’s a lot of focus on sex toys for penis’s helping to increase erection or make someone last longer. Whilst yes, sex toys can help with issues such as erectile dysfunction they are also just fun items you can add into your sexual and erotic routines.

Hint: Lube isn’t just for penetration. It can help increase the sensations from vibrators and reduce friction when using silicone sex toys on the penis. Check out Je Joue’s lubricants when looking for the ultimate penis pleasure combo.

Types of Sex toys for the penis

Here’s a quick rundown of some great penis sex toys you can explore.

Cock Rings

This stretchy rings can help restrict blood flow into the penis and help with erection and endurance. For those enjoy stimulation when flaccid it can add stimulation to hands on masturbation as the cock ring can be rubbed over the flaccid shaft.

With variable stretch the Je Joue Silicone Cock Ring Trio can allow you to experiment with different tensions. This can result in different sensations during erection as blood flow will feel different with varying tightness. The pack of three Cock Rings can also allow you to experiment with placing one ring on the shaft and one over the scrotum.

Vibrating Rings

Similar to basic cock rings, however the ring isn’t always as restrictive as standalone cock rings. These cock rings are equipped with a vibrating motor allowing the wearer to experience hands free stimulation during solo masturbation or penetrative sex.

The vibrator in vibrating rings is often found at the top of the cock ring with the aim to provide clitoral stimulation during penetration. However when using rings like the Mio, the vibrating part can be positioned against the pubic mound or turned around the stimulate the scrotum. The flexibility of the Mio can also allow wearers to position the cock ring just below the penis’s head where the vibrator can rest again and stimulate the frenulum.

Bullet Vibrators

Bullet vibrators are for everyone body. These small vibrators are great for gliding over the body from the peaks of the nipples to the tip of the penis shaft. They can also be a nice way to mix-up sensations during hands-on masturbation, as one hand can tease the shaft, as the other glides up and down the penis.

Je Joue’s Rabbit Vibrator is great for stimulating the frenulum which is an erogenous zone hot-spot for many penis havers.

More direct and pin point bullet vibrators such as the Classic Bullet Vibrator, can help provide massage-like pressure on-to the internal parts of the penis and prostate by placing it over the premium.

Penis Pumps

Pumps can help increase erection and some studies have shown they can help increase long-term size. They’re great for those with erectile dysfunction.

For some, using penis pumps is all about the sensation, as it can feel similar to oral sex as the pumps suction increases and decreases.

Masturbation Sleeves

These sleeves are often made from soft silicone or rubber and often have varying textures. They can help mix-up sensations during masturbation.

Masturbation sleeves can be used alongside vibrating cock rings and bullet vibrators too!

Sex toys for the prostate

As we’ve already explored, the prostate can be stimulated by external stimulation, but also some enjoy using butt plugs for more direct internal stimulation to it.

The Nuo Vibrating Butt Plug is the ideal shape for prostate stimulation. The curved body helps target vibrations directly to the prostate.

Anal and prostate stimulation can lead to orgasms by itself; however, it can be an amazing addition to other forms of sexual play. Wearing handsfree butt plugs during penile stimulation can also intensify ejaculating and make orgasms feel stronger.

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A quick note on foreplay

Foreplay is for everyone, and those with penis’s can also enjoy foreplay. It’s a myth that men and those with penis’s are always ready for sex. Some experience responsive sexual desire and arousal where they need foreplay to get turned-on.

Experimenting with sex toys can help with foreplay and allow people to build up sensations and arousal.

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