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Take on the 31-Day Challenge this Masturbation May 

We're now on week three of Masturbation May! This week we are bringing you 7 new ways to turn the up heat while you're indulging in some self-love. From heat play to new positions, we have your week of masturbation covered.

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  • Mix up the Temperature – Massage intimate areas with an ice cube before adding in other sensations from touch and vibrations.
  • Double-up! – Add in multiple vibrators. Try one of our bullet vibrators over your erogenous zone whilst exploring with the UMA against your G-spot.
  • Turn off the lights! - Grab a satin tie or blindfold and tease your body and notice how the sensations change when you’re unable to see what’s going on.
  • Try it doggy-style / all fours – Changing-up sex positions aren’t exclusive to partnered sex but can lead to new sensations in solo sex. This position is great for those who want to try deeper penetration with the UMA or Hera Flex.
  • Dual-Orgasms – Wear the NUO whilst teasing the vagina and or clitoris (or penis) at the same to increase your orgasm intensity.
  • Tri-Orgasm – Grab the Fifi rabbit and the NUO and experience tri-orgasms where strong rumbly vibrations travel through the vagina, and clitoris, whilst also experiencing deep stimulation anally.
  • Nipplegasm – The Rabbit Bullet Vibrator can be great for nipple stimulation and nipple orgasms. Adding lubricant can also make this more enjoyable.
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