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Illustration: Anna Kiosse
Illustration: Anna Kiosse

What do you call it? The Vulva has many names, some of them funny, some of them sweet. Take a look below and see if any of these names sound familiar to you.

Usually, when we use the above terms, we’re talking about the vulva. It’s important to note that the phrase “Vagina” is often used instead of Vulva.

Your vagina is the passage inside your body that connects your uterus (or womb) to the outside of your body. Your vulva is the name for the genitals on the outside of your body.

Everyone's vulva looks a little different, but they're all made up of the same basic parts. Which are; Mons pubis, Labia Majora, Labia Minora, clitoris, Vestibular Bulbs, Vulva Vestibule, Bartholin's glands, Skene's glands, Urethra, & Vaginal opening.

Why Is It Important To Call It A Vulva?

It’s important for both our physical and sexual health to call it a Vulva because firstly, that's what it is, and secondly, the more confidence we have when we are discussing our bodies, the easier it is to describe something properly to a healthcare professional or communicate what we desire to our sexual partners.

It’s always empowering to use our vocabulary, but it’s important that you can use and understand the correct medical terminology too!

American feminist and psychologist Harriet Lerner has the notion that by not using the word vulva we are engaging in a “psychic genital mutilation”.

She believes that “What is not named does not exist.” Meaning that by not using the word Vulva which includes the clitoris and labia, but using the word Vagina instead, we're saying those very important organs don't matter or exist. 

So let's not sideline the Vulva and all of its glory, let's just call it a Vulva! 

List of names in the UK used for Vulvas Top Ten Euphemisms We Use For Vulva In The UK: Source: found 


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3. Rabbit Bullet 

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4. Classic Bullet 

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5. Amour Bullet 

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