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Love languages can be a great way to understand yourself, your partner, and how you like to be treated in general day to day life. If you have a greater understanding about how yourself or your partner likes to be treated, you can put more effort in to that area rather than wasting time on areas that are a lot less effective. So of course, this applies to sex too. 
You will get the most out of your sex life once you know the exact areas to indulge in, and here's how... 
If your love language is Acts of service: 
Sex should be a two way street, however, once in a while dedicate yourself to satisfying all of your partner’s sexual desires. This may include oral sex, or simply prioritising their pleasure over yours (of course, only do things that you are comfortable with).
If your love language is Physical Touch:
This is usually a given during sex, but it’s the way you touch your partner that can make a difference. Drag out foreplay and take your time caressing, stroking, and kissing each other. You can also work it up to it during the day, by cuddling, holding hands or massaging each other using a massage candle that emits a beautiful scent and leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. 
Quality time:
Focus on being present. You can usually tell when your partner’s mind is elsewhere during sex, so be sure to focus on the task at hand, making eye contact with your partner and taking things at a steady pace.
Words of affirmation:

Being vocal about parts of your partner’s body and how much they turn you on during sex is a perfect way to engage this love language. And it can also be a gateway to dirty talk

Receiving gifts:

Why not surprise your partner with a gift that might help liven things up in the bedroom? It could be sexy underwear, or toys for you both to use! Just anything that you think might get their pulse racing.

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