Take on the 31-Day Challenge this Masturbation May

It's the final week of Masturbation May, a whole month dedicated to self-love and exploration. For the last week of Masturbation May, we are encouraging you to try out new masturbation positions, different lubes and more... 

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  • Try different lubes – Different lubricants can change how vibrations feel during masturbation and some can make you more sensitive to stimulation.
  • Use your favourite toy – It’s a favourite for a reason, but even when we have a favourite sex toy we can still forget about it. Charge it up, and have it ready for your next masturbation session!
  • Try a new vibrator / toy – Different sex toys can offer different stimulation, exploring a new vibrator or sex toy can help mix-up your masturbation session and help make it feel less predictable.
  • Standing up – Masturbation doesn’t always have to happen in the bed. Try standing up and see how different it feels – Caution! Have a wall to lean on just in case you have one of those earth-shattering leg wobbling orgasms.
  • Sitting down on a chair – Sitting in a chair as you masturbate can allow you to explore different positions with your legs. It also allows you to use some sex toys hands free, as you can rest them between the chair and your body and just enjoy the rumbly vibrations.
  • In the Bath – aquatic play offers a sensual form of masturbation where the combination of water and warmth adds to arousal.
  • Mutual masturbation – Mutual masturbation can increase dopamine and oxytocin. It can be a great way to share what stimulation you enjoy during masturbation too.

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